4. February 2021

The fourth International Blockchain Forum has its focus on the application of Blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector.

Once again, we bring together renowned scientists, promising start-ups and successful established companies from Switzerland and our partner countries Great Britain, USA and Canada. Due to the actual situation the event will be held online.

The conference is a premier event for scientists, business representatives, students and other interested parties. Even in the online version the event will facilitate the dialogue between academia and industry around this topical issue. We came up with something special for this. All presentations have been pre-recorded and are available for registered participants in advance. Registration if free of charge.

Have a look at our Agenda.



We focus on the discussion between academia and industry. To get the most out of our online event, the pre-recorded presentations are be available to registered participants two weeks in advance. During the event, all speakers will be present to actively participate in the discussions and are available during the networking sessions.

4. February 2021


Dial in for registered attendees - all information will be provided in advance


Embassy Round Table
Representatives of the British Embassy, Canadian Embassy, U.S. Embassy, and the Lucerne School of Computer Science and Information Technology.


Networking Break
Meet speakers and attendees in our virtual lobby.


Academic Discussion Session
Moderated discussion with our academic speakers:

  • Lucila Ohno-Machado (UC San Diego, USA)
  • Schallum Pierre (Université Saint-Paul, Canada)
  • Navin Ramachandran (University College London Hospital, UK)
  • Marco Cuomo (Novartis, Switzerland)


Bar Camp
Discuss 8 out of 12 suggested topics in virtual groups. Join the discussions as you like and meet others in our virtual lobby.


Start-up & Company Session
Moderated discussion with our speakers from start-ups and companies:

  • Abdullah Albeyatti (Medicalchain, UK)
  • Amber Hartley (BurstIQ, USA)
  • Koleya Karringten (Canada Blockchain Consortium)
  • Raja Sharif (Farmatrust, UK)
  • Sandro Cilurzo (Sedimentum, Switzerland)
  • Sebasitan Bürgel (HOPR, Switzerland)
  • Schallum Pierre (REED - Réseau d'expertise en éthique de données, Québec, Canada)


Use our virtual lobby for networking and questions.

Detailed presentation titles can be found here.

The event will be moderated by
Douglas MacKevett

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Amber Hartley

BurstIQ, USA

Raja Sharif

Farmatrust, UK

Schallum Pierre

Université Saint-Paul, Canada &
REED - Réseau d'expertise en éthique de données, Québec, Canada

Lucila Ohno-Machado

UC San Diego, USA

Abdullah Albeyatti

Medicalchain, UK

Koleya Karringten

Canada Blockchain Consortium

Sebasitan Bürgel

HOPR, Switzerland

Sandro Cilurzo

Sedimentum, Switzerland

Marco Cuomo

Novartis, Switzerland

Navin Ramachandran

University College London Hospital, UK

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The event will be organized by

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Blockchain Lab

Tim Weingärtner

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Impressions from IBFR 2020

The third Blockchain Forum was successfully held on the Zug-Rotkreuz campus on 19th February 2020. Exciting speakers talked about their applications of blockchain for clean energy.

Find impressions from this event here.


The International Blockchain Forum Rotkreuz is organised by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

This event is only possible by the generous sponsorships of the embassies of Canada, Great Britain and United States.